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Sprawled over 6000 sq kms, and situated at an altitude of 400-1200 meter from the sea level, the oldest national park in India, the Jim Corbett national was established in 1936 with the intension of protecting the endangered Bengal tiger. Located in the nainital district of uttrakhand state, the park is named after Jim Corbett, who has given major contribution to the establishment of the park. The destination, being an ecotourism, has vast flora and fauna to explore with its varied 488 species. Trekking is the favorite activity and the must thing to do at the park as walking around is not allowed. River rafting, camp fire, are the activities one would enjoy doing at the Jim Corbett national park.

Wildlife trips are those of kind that is enjoyed by every group of age. Be it kids or senior citizens, or parents or any young couple, the safaris over jungle are always enjoyed by the visitors. The Jim Corbett Park offers special and varied packages that include every facility like accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, sightseeing arrangements, and reservation facilities for transportation through air, rail or bus. Jim Corbett packages includes pick up and drop facilities to the visitors, gives choice for the hotels. Visitors should prefer these packages at Jim Corbett Park which are offered to them for their convenience and benefits. The notion that packages ties you up and does not let you wander around as per your planning, is in correct. These packages do provide the visitors with complete flexibility and freedom of visiting the locations at their time, till the time they desire. These packages cover up every corner of the park. They stay within the park along with the breakfasts and two time meals are included under the management of Jim Corbett packages.

Budget and economic tour packages to Jim Corbett Park already has the pre-planned schedule for your trip that includes separate days for sightseeing, wildlife safaris, elephant safaris, early morning walk around the forest and riverside where one gets to see beautiful flora and fauna. Jim Corbett packages also includes visit at the beautiful Corbett fall and the Jim Corbett house followed by breakfast/lunch. Jim Corbett house is the house turned museum exhibiting his hunter, photographs, sketches, his last hunt, manuscripts, etc. resorts in Jim Corbett Park are situated within the park peripheries and outside the park as well. These resorts provide exquisite views to the park and the town as well. The comfortable stay that keeps you well connected with the nature by giving beautiful scenic views through its windows makes your stay unforgettable at hotels in Jim Corbett. Visitors can avail every kind of amenities that is required for their comfort and stay at the hotels. Jim Corbett hotels are well appointed with LED television, air conditioners, bathtubs in the bathroom of spacious rooms which also has the fixtures for steam and sauna. The service provided by the Jim Corbett hotel staff is very homelike, politely delivered in a sophisticated manner.

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